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Form...4th Nov 2013Source: Sina Entertainment Translated by: Michelle Ye's Realm Sharing the same title as Tsui Hark’s movie, the series ‘Flying Swords of Dragon Gate’ is currently filming rapidly, a series version of the classic work. The story is: She used 10 million RMB to invite Raymond Lam to film ‘Loved in the Purple’ series, and then sold the series to TVB where it was premiered on Jade HD channel, and later aired in Mainland, where it became a win-win situation for all.

This time around, the Dragon Gate Inn’s innkeeper ‘Jin Xiangyu’ is pla... Debuting from TVB, and returning to the TV industry today, where her role has been promoted to a produce...

He called his manager to throw a tantrum and complain.

He was very stressed and once suspected that he was depressed.) I swear that I wouldn't yell at or hit women in my life." Paired with Xiaoming in the film, Fiona admitted, "Seeing Xiaoming is like looking into a mirror and seeing the horrifying look of when I had depression.I kept a diary, now looking back I thought I was very scary back then.Credits: Lam The Hong Kong actor and actress showed their close relationship during filming for a new drama Once dubbed as Hong Kong’s ”Golden Couple”, dating rumours between TVB artistes Raymond Lam and Michelle Ye reignited after they were seen teasing each other while filming their new dra...Monday December 26, 2011 Hong Kong Source: Film director Johnnie To and screenwriter Wai Ka-Fai of “Drug War” has been receiving a lot of attention from the audience ever since its first preparation.

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