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To cut through the clutter, click the name of the calendar you wish to hide.

Its name will remain in the list, but the events will no longer appear in the main calendar view.

Click that button to add your event to Google Calendar. Or, if you don't have OK Google enabled, just click the microphone in the Google Search box.

Now, just speak aloud the event details you'd otherwise type into a Quick Add window, and then add your event from Google's search results. Click that caret, then start typing your event details in the new text box that appears to quickly create a new event.

To bring the calendar back, just click its name in the list again.

Varying their colors can help you to differentiate your calendars at a glance, making important events stand out.

This is another Labs setting that sets you up to view your entire year at once.

Year View displays the entire year in a grid, allowing you to navigate to a future date quickly.

This is particularly useful if you need to know dates like the third Wednesday in June or which months have five Fridays.

If you're not in the Google Calendar app, you can still add an event from a Google search page.

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