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But that meant inflicting undeserved pain on others. I’ve never felt so horrible in my life.” Who’s the powerhouse NOW, Beka? This time, her anger was not tinged by sorrow; she was furious.

On a sticky Sunday in August, when Josh and Beka’s children were staying with his mother, he asked her for a divorce. Then she grew so angry that she shook.“I could handle her anger,” he said. It’s unthinkable for me to dismantle all we’ve built. After hours of shouting, however, she began to feel better than she had since Josh first mentioned divorce. ” I didn’t see how a dinner could be pulled off without the whole thing erupting in open conflict or stalling into awkward silence. “I had to meet you,” Beka said as she opened the door.

Then I realized that it was just another opportunity to demonstrate my superiority. As Beka and I got to know each other, he drank nonstop. Our conversation ranged from trivial matters and uproarious stories about neighborhood matters to serious acknowledgment of our unusual situation.“It makes more sense for the divorce to be about another woman,” he said. “Josh wants you to meet our girls, but I need to get to know you first.” Her smile seemed genuine, her eyes kind.“Many of our friends are going through divorces for the same reason. She was small and beautiful, somehow elegant in casual shorts.But let’s call it “tumultuous.” It sounds so much more Hallmark movie channel rom-com that way.#borderlinepersonalitydisorder #dateme #oriwillboilyourbunnies Occasionally we would wave across a coffee shop or exchange a few words on the street.

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One day he took a seat next to me at another bar, where we joined in the happy-hour conversation about politics and sex. I grow faint just thinking of that kind of exertion.

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