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it's just some people go on servers with a naked skin and just walk around naked and having a guy walk around naked on your servers a bit .... I for one, think that wearing perfectly solid iron armor while naked might run the risk of a surprise vasectomy.

Pretty painful running around freeballin' it while you have iron armor just riding up against you, especially when it's pretty hot or pretty cold.

He seeks to expose a hidden characteristic or emotion, to go further than what the camera can capture.

Since early on, Ravuth has worked with the body and self as a medium—particularly the nude body.

You're playing a game, and chances are you're using that skin to try and be funny.

when people would use a completely nude skin 90% cause they are PERV 10% ( your reason ) i get why servers don't want pervs on their server and if you really want to live "wild" as possible, just use some sort of underwear I don't know who wants to run around with their wang hanging out for christs sake at least wear a cloth of some sort.

His work has also featured in group shows at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Singapore (2012), The Leading Lights at Arta Gallery, Toronto (2014) and Between Fantasy and Reality at Art Square Gallery, Toronto (2012).

The lead developers on the two projects continue to collaborate closely and maintain broadly equivalent capabilities, but each has unique features.

This image is then reproduced in miniature, the colors altered and repeated a hundred times or more.

Working with the very small prints, he applies them to the canvas in a composition that echoes the original, but further manipulated with paint, distortion and repetition—a process that allows the artist to investigate the complexities of the inner mind.

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Even though we try to cover our nudity with clothes, it is who we are.” Using his body to convey meaning, Ravuth avoids a directed narrative.

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