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It would seem that Burning Man must make it clear to all photographers (and this is going to sound harsh) that they do not have the RIGHT to take photographs at the event, but they do have the PRIVILEGE. Really, there are two kinds of people at Burning Man (and in the world): Those who like to have their picture taken, and those who don’t.

But there is much less control over images that appear on social media.This is the culture of the event: There are people who like to make images, there are people who enjoy having images made of them and/or their art, and there are people who don’t.The Burning Man image-maker is expected to find out, and then respect, the difference.But behind it all is this: Burning man wants to protect people’s privacy, and it wants to protect itself from commercialization. But it still bears repeating, in plain and simple language, as clearly and as often as possible: The community of Burning Man believes in the right to privacy.There was a great deal of discussion about the appropriateness of protecting people’s privacy with the weapons of copyright enforcement.

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I consider it part of the gift culture to give them the image.

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