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Nearly half did not see anything wrong with sending topless images and 56 per cent said they didn’t know whether their images and videos were distributed further than the intended recipient.As the recent police caution of a schoolgirl who sent an explicit selfie to her boyfriend shows, many teens don’t realise that they risk ending up on the sex offenders’ register for distributing indecent images of a child – even if they are the child in question (the girl’s boyfriend, who forwarded it on after a row, was also cautioned).Viewing and sharing sexual content is becoming the norm – as has hiding it from parents.The acronyms NIFOC (naked in front of computer), GNOC (get naked on camera), NP4NP (naked pic for naked pic) and POS (parent over shoulder) need no explanation to anyone in their teens or 20s, but may well be a shock to parents such as Sarah.Our brains have evolved to give us the best chance of healthy relationships when we spend time face to face.We are able to read signals from the other person’s facial expressions, specifically from the area around the cheeks and eyes.Receiving these positive visual and auditory signals makes us connected, compassionate and cooperative.

In a study by South West Grid for Learning and Plymouth University, 38 per cent of 13- to 18-year-olds said they had received a sexually explicit message and 39 per cent admitted sharing intimate images.This sends a message to our brain that we are safe in this social space.Hearing the other person’s voice has a similar calming effect on the brain, when nerves in the inner ear are triggered by particular frequencies (notably the frequency most similar to a mother’s voice, which is usually the first safe relationship we encounter).Randomised video sex chat, naked selfies, hook-up sites and old-fashioned pornography mingled in a soup of out-of-control teenage hormones.Sarah had noticed that Josh had seemed less engaged with family life recently, he’d become surly and was falling behind in his schoolwork, but she had put this down to the dark tunnel of adolescence.

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