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(Think carefully about whether you really want to Google that.) Paul notes that Selasi’s design “looks like an alien’s face in the middle.” Val describes her pancakes as “very Jackson Pollock.” Many pancakes burn. This delectable street food, a proud member of the fried-doughnut family, is traditionally served with a chocolate dipping sauce.

The batter must be thick enough for the churros to keep their shapes in hot oil — but no one will want anything to do with an overly greasy churro.Candice makes a “deconstructed beef Wellington” with mushrooms and horseradish cream, plus grated horseradish mixed into the batter.A little rattled after last week’s poor performance, she accidentally drops a fork on the ground. Jane’s “meat and two veg” Yorkshires are like a miniature Sunday roast dinner with all the trimmings: beef, pea puree, crispy potatoes, and horseradish cream.Candice culls her own uneven batch: “Some of them are a little bit stupid.” But don’t worry!Val’s Yorkshire puddings come out just fine, so she won’t have to face any pitchforks when she returns home. Though their flavor is nice, Kate’s puddings are teensy and unusually shaped, looking a little like the unloved cherry danish that might remain when the rest of the office pastry spread has been picked over.

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  2. (As we speak she’s also auditioning drummers for the tour ahead, via stream in the tipi office.) But she still sounds a lot like the woman who started Lilith Fair.