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I wanted to tell them not to use up all my body oil but the rules are that whoever is tied up can't open her mouth to speak unless given permission. The whips stopped and I heard the girls run out of the room. My sons had told me they were bringing some buddies down for spring break but hadn't said how many there were going to be.

Of course, whoever is tied up usually has her mouth occupied in other activities beside talking. When the girl on my face came, she crawled off and was replaced by the other. From the voices I estimated they had at least three, and possible four friends with them.

SPRING BREAK ON A TEXAS ESTATE CH 1 It had been a long tiring week. I opened the door and called downstairs: "Ok, but you have to rub lotion on my body first." "Ok Mom," Kathy said.

The house was spotless and they had a glass of wine ready for me. I felt a sweet little tingle in my pussy at the sight.

Eventually the massage stopped and I felt the bed shift as one of them positioned herself over my face and the other between my legs. I licked and kissed and nibbled until she too came. Someone returned to the room, and without warning a whip crashed across my breasts.

I slept, or fainted, from time to time, to be awakened by one of the boys climbing on me, or biting a nipple or doing some other form of torture. The boys were sitting around the kitchen table, and they rose politely when I came in. We didn't whip your back at all." One of the boys pointed out. The boys whipped and fucked me, over and over and over.

"I had a very nice dinner this evening." The boys looked sheepish. This is Saturday night." I put down my sandwich in astonishment. "Yep, we've been fucking you for over thirty hours." They burst into laughter. "Well, actually Ma am, , , I was sort of thinking about fucking you in the ass," one of them said. He always seems to know the best way to torment his sister.

Kathy loves having her breasts tortured and actually has orgasms from the pain.

After dinner they rushed me upstairs and insisted that I take a long hot bubble bath. While I soaked in the tub I heard someone moving quietly in my bedroom, and heard a barely suppressed giggle. Lying on my bed was a set of wrist and ankle cuffs and a blindfold.

I toweled myself dry, then buckled the cuffs on my wrists and ankles. No amount of rubbing my head against the bedding would unseat it.

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