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“We are a rich nation, we are a civilised society, the public deserve a safe, civilised health service.

Dr Chaand Nagpaul, the incoming BMA chair, said the Government’s policy is “deliberate and it does need to be challenged”.

“The Government speaks of new investment but in the same breath asks us to make £3 of efficiency savings for every £1 spent,” he said, adding: “In the name of safety and quality, austerity and savage cuts have to stop.” The Department of Health rejected the claims, saying Government funding for the NHS was at record levels and the motion approved by the BMA “sadly has no relationship with reality”.

We cannot and must not accept anything less,” he said.

“Those that provide care are scapegoated, such as the Prime Minister’s shameless attempt this year to blame GPs for hospital winter pressures.” However some other doctors, including current BMA council chair Dr Mark Porter, disagreed with the motion, saying the difficulties faced by the health service are a result of bad organisation rather than a deliberate attempt to pave the way for further privatisation.

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