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As I massaged her butt, she shifted slightly, her legs opening ever so little.

I only realized sometime later that she was holding my hand, and I never knew when it happened. Laughing, she gripped my hand tightly, and ran toward the surf. I felt her hands run down my back and across my ass.I also said that I never wore anything under my towel when I went there. Eventually we got to a spot where we had a little space between us and the next guy. Her breasts, free from confinement, were even more stunning. Her skin was flawless, without a tan line to be found. Let me get it for you so you don’t burn.” She took my lotion and filled in the missing areas in the middle of my back that I can never get on my own.They were round and even, not overly large but not small. The muscles in her legs rippled as she bent down to retrieve a bottle of lotion from her bag. My head swam with her scent and the touch of her strong hands. She was very bright, and opinionated, but unlike most people, she actually knew what she was talking about when giving her opinion. to be honest, while life (for some) may still be beautiful, for me, it was mostly just grey and curmudgeonly.Many tourists stand there, open-mouthed, wondering where all the naked people came from and why the cops don’t put an end to it. She glanced over at me – I must have been quite a sight. She was wearing a yellow flowery bikini, with some kind of matching wrappy-thing around her tiny little waist contrasted with her smooth tanned skin. She let out a breath as if she had been holding it in for a while.

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