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The problem is they are getting really fed up and although they don't say it, its quite clear he is becoming an inconvenience to them and it is putting a strain on relationships all round. We are not on anything at the moment and to be honest even if I completely quit I still think OHs wage is above the limits : S but might be helpful to know anyway just in case x Sent from my GT-I9001 using Netmums mobile app Its not just for young parents its for all low income familys, those who revieve unemployment and certain other benefits or in receipt of child tax credits with income of less than 16k and not receiving working tax credits.

So we are really desperate to get him into nursery an extra day but just can't afford it so does anyone know if any of the rumours were true as I cant find anything about it online? To be honest i think if theyre going to do this 2 year old funding it should be for all 2 year olds like the 3/4 year funding is.

I know this question isn't about babies but I didn't know where else to post and I figured that as the maternity exemption cards last until 12 months after having your baby, this might be the place to ask!!! My son is 9 months old so I'm still able to use my maternity exemption card for prescriptions and at the dentist.

However, I need my eyes testing soon and don't know if the card entitled me to a free eye tests or glasses.

I kind of get why the above pp has had that rant, because these little changes are actually a slap in the face for some people Worth talking to your Hv as diff areas need to meet statistics as they haven't enough using the service and have been told they will lose it.

My friend was entitled as she had 2 sets of twins under 2 and Hv thought quite rightly she may need help.

Unless anything's changed recently, then no, you don't get sight tests for free.

My prescription didn't need changing (I think I went in march) so I don't know if I'd have got anything towards a new pair of glasses, but I anticipate not!

Hi i was an optical assistant up until having my dd and No you DO NOT get free eye tests on a maternity exemption work full time and can only just afford to cover my rent and bill, yet they are people on benitits thats on more then me that dont work !!!!! i laugh when i see facebook pages with people joining - to go against all the cuts to there benifits !! In reply to op, it's there to help vulnerable children, low income families, children who might need more help, to give them a better start.yet they are the ones livin it up , sleeping in till midday , house all kitted out ect..... it maybe for people on low incomes and certain benifits but to me this is not fair at all, all these working people and we get nothing well news flash the system is changing and its all going to be about rewarding the working class !!!yet they are the ones livin it up , sleeping in till midday , house all kitted out ect..... well NEWS FLASH - this scheme is not about helping those on benefits - its about reaching the children who need the leg up do you honestly begrudge small children help? It will be rolled out eventually to lower income 2 parent families and then each year they will increase the income level so most people can claim the 2 year old funding. I only do 16 hrs bc of not being able to afford childcare if I went full time (oh works too) but if I could work more I would.and they wonder why so many people dont wanna look for work !!! Honestly though I'd probably be better off on benefits but I don't want to be.

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