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What is your process when making work that makes it beyond that initial 'list' stage?

since 08 i become more organized i have maybe a ratio of like 1 out of 10 things now i will name the file by smashing randomly on the keyboard.

then files within that folder can be named whatever because i know the general idea of whats going on :) uhh my process for working is maybe how a painter would work.

One in particular showed off the model's legs, in which one commenter wrote, "sexy legs." Some users have described her overly sexual photos as "creepy" while others are just straight up angry.

"Parents like you are the reason why girls grow up to have many issues...

There's no doubting the fact that Russian supermodel, Kristina Pimenova is a beautiful little girl.

The only problem is, she's still years away from being a teenager -- and men are constantly gawking at her "sexualized" Instagram pictures.

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making videos is a mystery and it happens randomly. my mom has a masters in painting and she said she wouldn't help me, she didn't want anyhting to do with the mess i was making. i love soccer i played seriously for a long time almost wnet to college for it, i did olympic development training for it too haha, i love swimming in the ocean, running - i ran a marathon last year,i love the beach, memorizing facts about animals and plants, i love botany, i love natural landscapes especially in california, i love camping and being outdoors, i am really into skin care and like spa shit, i love cooking, i love food probably with an abnormal desire, i am really into health food things and learning about ultimate health, i love martha stewart and sometimes when i can push through the embarrassment i will make some crafts like freezing edible flowers into ice cubes or something, i love flowers and flower arranging, i have to control my spending on flowers, i love nice candles i put a ban on buying anymore candles for a while because the ones i buy are like $20 for one candle it adds up.

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