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The "economics of sex" is a fascinating study in how men and women respond differently to incentives.Once you accept the basic premise, you realize how much it informs the way cultures have developed in a myriad of ways.How that came to be called “oppression” is one of the mysteries that sociologists will be studying for centuries.There has been enormous effort expended to minimize and disrespect the role of house wives and stay-at-home moms and to push women into careers.When women set the kind of high barrier to sex that I have been recommending — that is, only inside marriage — then it’s in all women’s best interest to shame the sluts, because when the sluts lower the market value of sex it hurts every woman and every marriage.Just because humans have sex in private doesn’t mean that sex is entirely a private affair between consenting adults. We have sex in private, but sex is everybody’s business.So, cast in evolutionary terms, society has an innate desire to protect women and consider men expendable.

Could it be that women feel the way they do because that’s the way they are? Some people want you to believe that everything comes down to “boys are privileged because of patriarchy.” Well, if by “patriarchy” you mean an obligation to protect and provide, then yes.

A healthy society recognizes male and female differences and encourages men and women in those roles. It is sexist, and that’s a very good thing, because it’s sexist in the right way — that is, it recognizes the differences between the sexes. Boys are “privileged” precisely because they have the corresponding obligations.

The result of the modern silliness is that we don’t even believe in sex roles anymore, so very few people are willing to tell men how to be men and women how to be women. This modern delusion that men and women are interchangeable can’t be enforced consistently because it runs straight up against reality.

We’re constantly told that all these ancient laws were designed for men’s benefit. The rules were designed to restrain men — to break them — to bend their desires to the service of women and children, and thereby to the culture.

If men had designed the rules they would have come up with something where they got easy access to sex without any strenuous effort.

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