Sexual chats with robots T— dara khosrowshahi (@dkhos) October 3, 2017 to Londoners for "messing up," visited London to hold talks with the city's transit officials.

In a tweet that same day, he said he was "determined to make things right in this great city!

There's not a lot to capture your attention inside the spartan cafe, with its hard plastic chairs and bare tables. The menu is equally spartan: instant coffee for £1, a full English breakfast (served all day) for £5, and a selection of classic British desserts like sticky toffee pudding, jam roly-poly and spotted dick.

We're only minutes from some of London's poshest restaurants, but this feels miles away.

According to statistics from London's Metropolitan Police, 19 licensed private-hire drivers were investigated for sexual offenses in 2014, with five convictions.

The following year, 28 private-hire drivers were investigated, with nine convictions.

The global versus local debate is hardly unique to Uber, but it exemplifies a common theme we heard over and again.With a £2.60 flat-rate base fare for any cab ride, black-cab drivers need to pick up only three passengers an hour to earn the national minimum wage of £7.50.Of all the people we spoke with, Vyse was the most vehemently opposed to Uber as a company, calling it "the cancer of trade" ("trade" is the term cabbies use for driving a taxi).In the window of his office -- a small trailer situated beside the cafe -- he proudly displays a cartoon depicting Calvin of "Calvin and Hobbes" fame urinating on the company's name. There's a whole list, top of which is the way he says Uber plays fast and loose with the safety of passengers by not conducting proper background checks on its drivers.(Uber has yet to respond to a request for comment.)Along with enjoying a reputation for good chats and an encyclopedic knowledge of London, Vyse says black-cab drivers are highly trusted, with an unblemished safety record.

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"The KGB would have given their right arm to have Uber's power," he says while eating a large plate of fish and chips (at £9, one of the pricier dishes on the menu).

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