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You must place it into the same directory as your home (index) page, and leave it loose, making sure not to put it in an images directory or other folder.

The standard location is the “root” folder of your site, which is same directory as your home (index) page, not inside an images directory or other folder.

If it doesn't look good at this size, work with the 64 x 64 canvas and try creating a simple design that incorporates colors from your website's palette.

When you're ready to test the design select Image Image Size menu and enter 16 x 16.

Get ready to go beyond the factory settings and make shooting with your Olympus EM-D series camera faster and more responsive with this collection of settings and customizing tips.

So instead start your project with a canvas set at 64 x 64 (always use even multiples when you plan on resizing files).

Do this by selecting File If you already have a logo you should reduce it to the 16 x 16 size to see if it holds up.

Whether you've been using your Olympus EM Series camera for a while or you just got the hang of it, there are a lot of options you can tweak.

These cameras are packed with customization features that allow you to fine-tune the way they handle everything, from focusing to locking exposure.

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