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Hence we may distinguish actual from habitual knowledge.The latter extends to whatever is preserved in memory and is capable of being recalled at will.Knowledge, being a primitive fact of consciousness, cannot, strictly speaking, be defined; but the direct and spontaneous consciousness of knowing may be made clearer by pointing out its essential and distinctive characteristics.It will be useful first to consider briefly the current uses of the verb "to know".Any attempt to reduce the object to a purely subjective experience could result only in destroying the fact itself of knowledge, which implies the object, or not-self, as clearly as it does the subject, or self.(2) Knowledge supposes a judgment, explicit or implicit.of any thing, fact, or principle belonging to the physical, mental, or metaphysical order, that may in any manner be reached by cognitive faculties.An event, a material substance, a man, a geometrical theorem, a mental process, the immortality of the soul, the existence and nature of God, may be so many objects of knowledge.

He may then be under the irresistible illusion that he knows, and subjectively the process is the same as that of knowledge; but an essential condition is lacking, namely, conformity of thought with reality, so that there we have only the appearance of knowledge.

Sometimes, also, more than the mere familiarity with external features is implied.

To know a man may mean to know his character, his inner and deeper qualities, and hence to expect him to act in a certain way under certain circumstances.

Thus observation and thought are two essential factors in knowledge.

(3) Truth and certitude are conditions of knowledge.

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(1) It is impossible that all the knowledge a man has acquired should be at once present in consciousness.

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