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Then he suggested I remove my clothes so I didn't mess up my clothes as I worked him over.My breasts were already firming because I knew I was going to get laid by someone that appeared sexy.He suggested he'd text the others and see what they thought about letting me stay a few nights rent-free, but he wasn't sure how they would like the idea.He told me Al is about thirty-five, James was closer to forty, and he was twenty-nine.After thirty minutes, I knew he wouldn't return and I was abandoned with less than 0 and a suitcase full of dirty clothes.

I knew Mike planned to take advantage of me because he was looking me over with craving eyes while I watched Rob lose his money the previous night, but I could see he was an attractive man that towered over my tall thin figure, and he was more appealing than the jerk that dumped me.Rob had a bad night at the tables as he lost hand after hand as he continued to play for higher stakes until finally cashed in the few chips he had left and I followed him to our room.Make no mistake at bout his disposition the following morning as we packed our suitcases and he had me wait at the hotel entrance while he carried his travel bag to the car.The great room was large with a sofa, a love seat, and a La-Z-Boy, and it certainly would be better than being thrown out on the street like Rob did to me.I was taken aback when Mike asked me if I'd like to share his bedroom because he said someone's watching TV most of the time both day and night.

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