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He accepted the hug, and then a peck on the cheek.“Wow you are a sexy little thing aren’t you.” He said.Charlotte normally would have been taken back by this comment but she remembered my words and she giggled and said“Why thank you sir, what are you looking for today?I will bring your uniform in tomorrow, I hope you don’t mind but it is quite revealing.”“Oh that’s Ok, I really need this job so I guess if it is necessary, I will wear anything.”“Ok good, what is your bra size?I need to know before I get your uniform.”“Uhm 36DD” she answered.“WOW” I thought to myself, then I turned to her and said “Alright, well I think that is everything, you can leave. Goodbye.“Goodbye, Thanks again.” She smiled and walked away.Most of them were male who were interested in the job but there were also a few girls.

The next day I went to work and went to work, to my surprise, Charlotte was already there.“You are early.” I said.“Yeah, I wanted to get a head start on work.”“I’m impressed.”She smiled. She went to the bathroom to put it on, when she came out I felt like fainting.

The Bra was 36C, a full 2 sizes too small for Charlotte’s 36DD breasts, and the thong was XXX small, I imagined what she would look like in this uniform and I instantly got hard.

The cost was surprisingly high for such small articles of clothing, but I gladly paid and gleefully went home. The whole time I was thinking of fucking Charlotte. ” she asked.“Yea sorry this was what the last employee wore.” I lied “But her curves were nowhere as big as yours.

She had big breasts, probably DD cups and a big sexy butt.

For the first time ever, I felt like fucking a girl other than my Wife.

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