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The chart below, based on Google data, indicates the percentage of books published each year in which the expression appears.The usage of “f–k you money” tracks the S&P 500 with an impressive degree of correlation.They ridiculously assert that victims exposing an abuser somehow censors the speech of the abuser, which is not only ridiculous but also proveably false because Appelbaum and his fellow cyberthugs (who participated in one of the chemsex parties where some of the abuse detailed my his victims allegedly happened) had ample opportunities to relay their side of the story to the German media, and guess what? Like I wrote above, I myself have repeatedly tried to question Anna Loll about the inconsistencies in the German #torgate reportage, inconsistencies that become glaringly apparent from one article to the other, and neither Anna Loll or any of the other German journalists have ever answered a single pointed question. Appelbaum’s victims are compared to a Trojan Horse, and are thus being compared to a malicious computer virus infecting the fabric of hackerdom.It should be abundantly clear now that this Fuck the Facts opera is meant to be an attack on the credibility of Appelbaum’s victims.

To get a ballpark estimate of the money you’d need, multiply the annual expense of maintaining your preferred lifestyle by the number of years you’re likely to live.“Tribal justice in the global village” is just a roundabout way for claiming #torgate was a form of mob-justice, feminists and SJWs with pitchforks going after Appelbaum.We ask: Who is it that actually speaks out there at the privatized Internet court?Anna Catherin Loll, the German journalist who wrote an article about #torgate for The Guardian only to end up white-washing Jacob Appelbaum in a follow-up article in the German newspaper Taz, the latter of which two pieces Anna Loll wrote after meeting Appelbaum personally and being swayed by his NLP-charms, is now going to stage an opera, yes, an opera about #torgate in Berlin titled “Fuck The Facts” which will premier at the Neuköllner Oper in the city of Berlin in Germany today.Appelbaum is not mentioned by name anywhere in the promo text for Fuck the Facts or in the Youtube trailer, but everyone who followed the scandal on Twitter already knows that the Fuck The Facts opera is a fictionalized account of #torgate, so basically Appelbaum’s antics are now being immortalized in song with the complicity of the very German journalist who sought to white-wash him.

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