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Females tend to participate less and receive fewer responses than males in mixed-sex asynchronous discussion forums (Herring, 1993, 1996), whereas in chat rooms, females sometimes participate more actively and get more responses than males, e.g., because they are objects of flirtatious attention (Bruckman, 1993; Rodino, 1997).At the same time, gender roles vary across cultures, and along with them norms associated with how appropriate it is for women to speak and be heard in public, as well as attitudes associated with flirtation.The current speaker may use names or vocatives, gaze, posture, or targeted moves such as direct questioning to select the next speaker (Strategy A).Alternatively, next speakers may select themselves (Strategy B).This piqued our curiosity—what are the interactional dynamics in a predominantly female Thai chat room?

Females receive both more initiations and responses from males, including flirtatious overtures (although these are not very frequent), than do males from females.

(Above) You activate Chat Lines by clicking the 'I'm Online' illustration.

In this way you can chat one to one with the other Premium Member.

We interpret these findings in light of the effects of Web chat systems on turn-taking, majority group gender effects on online participation, and Thai cultural values. (1974) model of turn allocation, along with two approaches to analyzing turn-taking in computer-mediated chat conversations.

This is followed by a review of literature on gender and computer-mediated discourse and gender roles in Thai culture.

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However, females use Strategy A more than males, and they are more likely to select other females to take the next turn.

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