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However, neither MBP nor MASP has been identified in invertebrates.

Tunicates occupy a pivotal intermediary position between invertebrates and vertebrates.

Two different clones were isolated and designated Hr1 and Hr2.

Characterization of candidate clones, however, indicated that they were not Bf or C2 but rather MASP.After identification of C3 c DNA from , a Japanese ascidian, reverse transcriptase–PCR amplification of hepatopancreas RNA was performed using primers encoding highly conserved amino acid sequences of the vertebrate Bf and C2 serine protease domain.Two candidate sequences were identified, and the corresponding c DNA clones were isolated from a hepatopancreas library.This discrepancy was due to the fact that the first two nucleotides encoding this amino acid of the RT-PCR product had originated from the 5′ primer, and the template sequence contained a mismatch at the first nucleotide (see text).DNA sequence analysis was performed by the dideoxy chain termination method (16) using an Applied Biosystems 373A DNA sequencer.

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In contrast, all gnathostomes have well developed complement systems with both the alternative and classical activation pathways and the lytic pathway (2).

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