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will do, as you can still get the combo updater to 10.10.5 It's always wise to get a new OS download, even if you don't intend to install it right now - just so it's always in your history.

I have every OS back to Lion in my purchase history - good for if I ever need a disposable OS for testing etc.

I would like to avoid mac OS 10.11 (El Capitan) for a while if possible.

Is my only option at this point to download a mac OS 10.10.5 installer from some non-Apple website somewhere or does Apple have any accommodations to allow end-users to download mac OS 10.10.5 from them in some way?

The only way to get an older OS directly from Apple is to have previously 'purchased it' - even if it was free - then it will appear in your purchase history in the App Store.

If it's not in your purchase history, then you'll have to get it from a trustworthy friend [or less-trustworthy torrent etc] 10.10.

I assume those updates are only useful for someone already running 10.10 already, correct?

This is often code for “this malware was written in Java,” which doesn’t necessarily mean that it actually drops a Mac payload. (Of course, this is not taking the widespread and increasing plague of Mac adware into account.) Read the full story on Malwarebytes Labs Much has been said in the security world about the recent release of data on vulnerabilities discovered in 2015.

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If you have, then it will be available under Purchased.

As soon as a new Mac OS is released, the previous one becomes unavailable.

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