Updating windows xp sp1 to sp3

Some of the Options are very useful such as whether to download Service Packs, and whether to include Microsoft Security Essentials or Defender definitions in the package. NET Frameworks is also optional but leaving them included will be a BIG time saver.

Something else WSUS Offline Update can do is write the update package to an ISO image which can be burned to CD/DVD/Blu-ray.

It can also download and install updates for several different languages so you’re not restricted to just English.

After downloading, extracting and running the Update Generator.exe, tick the boxes to select the operating system versions, Office versions and languages you require.

Everything is split over 3 tabs called Windows, Office and Legacy products which includes Windows XP and Office 2003 as support for them ends in 2014.

Once you press Start, a Command Prompt window will open and begin downloading the files from Microsoft, the wait could be long if you’ve selected multiple options.

Once completed, you can then take the disc or drive to another computer and run Update to popup the installer window. NET Frameworks, Power Shell and Media Player will be greyed out depending on whether you have the option already installed or if operating system supports it.

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