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That may sound like a hefty bill, but I'm still much more comfortable knowing what I'll pay in advance.

Let's further compare the prices of Learn Vest's premium account to Mvelopes' Coaching program. But the second year only costs 8 because you don't have to pay the initiation fee again. Mvelopes Coaching, at .95 per month, works out to be 9.40 for the first year alone, which makes it more expensive than Learn Vest from the outset. Getting Started Mvelopes has you start by optionally linking to some of your online bank accounts.

The process is time-consuming if you want to make sure you get it right. Classifying my transactions in testing was a bore, and it took a lot of trial and error to figure out which categories I would need.

Why should I spend all day doing this work manually when other personal finance websites can do it for me, the way Mint and Learn Vest do?

The service also makes it hard to find its pricing and fees, all of which makes it hard to recommend.

Price and Plans Mvelopes is free to use with some limitations, and it offers two upgrade options: Premium (.95 per month or per year) and Coaching (.95 per month).

As you continue to customize your account, you allocate money for various expenses.

An online app called Mvelopes gets the first part right, adapting the tried-and-true envelope method of budgeting (in which money is set aside for expenses, in actual envelopes) to the digital world. Mint is adept at showing you where your money goes so that you can change your behavior going forward, and its budgeting tools are simple to use.Mvelopes' website has a comparison chart of the plans, but the pricing is not listed, which I find problematic.If you click to "learn more" about either of the plans, you don't get to see the prices.But when you first set up, it only shows the balances.You'll only see line item transactions from the day you set up your account and thereafter.

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