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We sat down with internationally acclaimed finance expert Suze Orman for her thoughts on love, relationships and how finances tie it all together. Even if you are not loved back by the person you are loving, the action of really loving another brings love into your own life. Suze: What I love most about my life now is that I am no longer looking for anything. I am happy with every aspect of my life both personally and professionally.

Orman extends her candid observations about money and financial responsibility to her own journey towards self-love and finding the perfect person for her. As far as my relationship goes, I never thought that I would find the love of my life.

You know it seems to me it is easy to love someone. That had been my problems in my past relationships.

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Everything is new and perfect and there are very few problems.

So it is easy to feel like you are in love when everything is new and easy.

Love today is just being together every chance we can. KT and I are together 24 hours a day since just the two of us oversee my media empire. But for me, given who I am and what I do, it was really the first person I had been in a relationship with that I felt understood money on a very different level than most. She did not value herself by the size of her bank account, which was significant.

It really is amazing that we have no employees and yet everything gets done on time and with ease. She did not care if others knew what she had or not. The way I knew she was the one, however, was that I liked her even more than I loved her.

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