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Used to be, you could either allow the Safari web browser or restrict it completely.In order to allow access to only sites, you had to install a kid-safe browser, and restrict Safari completely.You can then add additional sites using the “Add a Website…” option near the bottom.

The location on the map is partly found by IP address and approximate, another part is manually found and very accurate.

Be sure to use a 4-digit passcode that you will remember and your kids will not guess.3. This appears to be a great option for older kids, tweens, and younger teens where you want to make sure they don’t access inappropriate content for their age group.

You can also choose to always allow certain websites or never allow a site, to override the automatic settings.

If you have already set up restrictions, you’ll be prompted for the passcode.

If not, choose Enable Restrictions and enter a passcode. The options are: All Websites – no restrictions in place, your child can visit any website. Limit Adult Content–limits access to “many adult websites automatically”.

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