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Here's what he had to say: Why was it important for you to reach gold in your first day of the album pre-sales?

[Chorus] Baba, jonga lonke Ixesha (x2) Jonga Ixesha (x2) Jonga Lonke ixesha Jonga ixesha (x2) Jonga lonke ixesha (Jonga x10) (Hay hay hay, ifani) They don't know me, l'm an innovator, trendsetter with wifi.. And I have haters how I wish they could die along the way.. Kaw'yeke Indaba'zam ..tokgo (Jonga x10) (Huh,hee,who, what?

Let's talk about your first single, what inspired it?

I'm looking to settle down but the music keeps pulling me away and I haven't found someone who understands this dynamic fully.

The challenge is to achieve his biggest dream (reaching gold sales on the first day of release) with the help of his fans.

He launched both digital and a first-ever physical pre-order of the album from March 30 till April 28, 2015.

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