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This association created a favorable atmosphere for the release of her debut album Harbinger (1994) the following year, but the advantage was ultimately sabotaged by the dissolution of Imago shortly after its release -- a resulting lack of promotional support ensuring that neither the album nor its single I Am So Ordinary made a particularly strong public impact.For her second album This Fire (1996) Cole found herself in the clutches of Warner Brothers, the rapacious conglomerate having stepped in to assume control of Imago in the aftermath its collapse.An extended hiatus from recorded work was taken between 20, during which Cole focused on raising her daughter; this was brought to an end by an appearance on jazz trumpter Chris Botti's 2004 album When I Fall in Love, and work on a new Paula Cole album was initiated later that year. Others know she was a standout at last year's Lilith Fair. The combo plate of luxuriant armpit hair and stylized, glossy videos tends to confuse. She is tall, strong and straight-backed, glowing with vegan health and moving confidently through the crowds in her all-black ensemble.We phoned Paula to talk about the new album, the power of American standards, and her transformation from eager music student to benevolent master.She'll be hitting the road soon, with a Cleveland date set at Music Box.A post-college period spent working as a hired musician and composing her own songs eventually culminated in a 1992 record deal with Imago Records, the independent label that was also home to Aimee Mann, John Waite and Henry Rollins.It was at this time that she came to the attention of Peter Gabriel, who was seeking someone to fill the gap created by Sinead O'Connor's sudden departure from his Secret World touring band; impressed by her vocal abilities, Gabriel chose Cole for the position despite her unknown status, abruptly giving the young singer an international audience (her performances later receiving even wider exposure through Gabriel's double CD and video Secret World Live, 1994).

Cole was offered the chance to record this type of record early in her career, but she held off until the day she knew she could realize the project in her own way. The first single, Billie Holiday’s “God Bless the Child,” can be viewed here, with other clips available on Cole’s website.A 1995 reissue of Harbinger had been arranged first, but with only slightly more promising results; her entirely self-penned and self-produced second effort fared considerably better, buoyed by the success of the top ten single Where Have All the Cowboys Gone? Cole then set to work supporting the album with extensive touring, both on her own and as part of the first Lilith Fair event (a touring festival that also included female performers such as Sarah Mc Lachlan, Melissa Etheridge and Jewel).Even greater (perhaps even excessive) exposure was gained in 1998 with the song I Don't Want to Wait, used as the theme to the teen soap opera Dawson's Creek and given endless rotation on commercial radio.So that’s kind of a commentary on the weaving of genres, and busting down boundary lines. It’s a homemade, handmade studio built out of stone and wood. And the engineer was someone I trusted, Chris Rival. And the featured guitar player—Kevin Barry, who does most of the soloing, like on “Willow, Weep for Me”—he does that Delta blues thing. We come out of jazz just as much as any other genre. AXS: When musicians play together over a long period of time, yes, they develop that chemistry. Sometimes things happen spontaneously or serendipitously out of the blue. AXS: You’ve always been very independent as an artist—you produced your early albums yourself—so does being on your own label afford that much more license to follow your muse? It gives you creative freedom, and it gives you the masters, and it gives you a team spirit with your fans. Chris Rival—the engineer—he had some health issues that sidelined us for several months. When my daughter went to school I liked the teachers who went on a first-name basis. I was younger and inexperienced and out seeing the world at 25. I learned that I didn’t want to be a backup singer.That was the production-vision I had, so it had to be that way. And I did it independently; it took some fan-funding! AXS: Where did you record the music, and with whom? And his wife Consuelo [Candelaria] does piano; it’s a husband and wife team. It’s like an ESP where you can feel each other out or know what’s going to happen next simply based on body language or a facial expression. AXS: I’d be remiss if I didn’t ask about your work with Peter Gabriel. I loved it—but then I had to go right back and play coffeehouses to like, people, with my own music!

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