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Patrick did admit that being friends first made the transition to being in a relationship less awkward for the pair.He said: ‘What’s good about it is that whenever you’re with someone that is a mate to start with then there’s a short hand there and you don’t have to go through that whole awkward dating.’ The 40-year-old also opened up about his relationship with Cat and their one-year-old son Milo who was born in January 2016.We didn't want to get married, we wanted to be married.There's a difference."Admitting the press describing their wedding as a "shock" amused him, Patrick denied the couple had a 'whirlwind' romance.The couple went public with their relationship in May 2012 and – after just a few months of dating – they tied the knot in the Italian capital in September the same year.

They went on to have their first child Milo on 19 January 2016.

Appearing on Lorraine, Kielty said he broke the ‘don’t get your money where you get your honey’ rule when he and Cat Deeley started going out.

The pair, who are married and have one child together, first became friends in 2002 while presenting Fame Academy together although it wasn’t until 2012 that they got together.

He joked that now they have a child he ‘pretends’ to have work – on shows such as on the upcoming second series of quiz show Debatable – so that he can have the luxury of taking long-haul flights, over to the UK from where the pair live in the US, on his own.

He said: ‘I come on shows like this just to prove that I’ve been here, so just to be on a long-haul flight with four gin and tonics and a Disney movie, have a little cry and a sleep.’ So this whole thing was just a ruse hey Patrick?

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