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In-depth exploration of this phenomenon in other cultures, especially among Muslims, adds an important global dimension to the book.

They were once fast friends, hanging out on the road together.

Finally, it previews the future of online dating -- the wireless dating services and next-generation technologies that may transform human meeting and mating yet again.

How the Web transformed dating A fringe phenomenon becomes mainstream Internet dating goes global The great onlinemating tour: from Iran to Hong Kong, L. to Salt Lake City I'm dysfunctional, you're dysfunctional Weirdness online Underground at the "Love Bunker" Life at Match.com, the world's #1 Internet dating service Infidelity, Inc.

It exposes the hidden underside of Internet dating: the lying and "general weirdness" that are still just a click away, and the massive use of the Web to facilitate cheating.

It tours the world, showing how Internet dating is connecting people from Belfast to Beijing.

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It is also a must read for anyone considering using Internet dating services." --Dr. Reuters journalist Andrea Orr tells the unique story of how online dating evolved from a hideout for fetishists to a mainstream way to meet -- and a multi-million-dollar global industry.

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