Wpf itemssource binding not updating

Specifically, these are the options used with dependency properties that affect layout. If you are not familiar with these metadata options, here’s a quick rundown…

In WPF, a dependency property on a framework element can be registered with one or more metadata options.

The Affects Parent Measure and Affects Parent Arrange flags will cause Invalidate Measure() and Invalidate Arrange() to be called, respectively, on the target element’s parent.

It’s All About Portability In Silverlight, there is no native mechanism for registering a property to affect measure or arrange.

This path is relative to the root object set by the Data Context property of the parent control. tracked Customers = new Data Service Collection(customer Query, Tracking Mode. Data Context = tracked Customers; // Create a LINQ query that returns customers with related orders. Data Source = tracked Customers When you use the Add Service Reference dialog to generate the client data service classes, a project data source is also created that is based on the generated Data Service Context.

For more information, see Configuring the Data Service. Next Link Uri)) End While class enables you to intercept the events raised when changes are made to the collection, such as an object being added or removed, and when changes are made to the properties of object in a collection. Count = 0 Then ' Load the related Order Details. Load Property(deleted Order, "Order_Details") End If ' Delete the order and its related items For Each item As Order_Detail In deleted Order. Delete Object(item) Next ' Delete the order and then return false since the object is already deleted. Delete Object(deleted Order) Return True Else Return False End If Else ' Use the default behavior.

There are several metadata options in WPF that are not included in my Silverlight enum.

These are intentionally excluded because they either cannot be supported outside the native Silverlight framework (e.g., the property engine would need to be modified to support the Not Data Bindable option) or they simply don’t make sense in Silverlight (e.g., Silverlight does not currently support direct rendering via an On Render() override, so I don’t provide an Affects Render flag). WPF My latest snippets package adds value coercion support to Silverlight dependency properties.

This is done by combining the desired flags using a bitwise “OR” and then passing that value into the appropriate Dependency Property. As an example, the Width property on Framework Element is registered with the Affects Measure option.

As such, the property engine will take care of invalidating measure on the target element whenever the Width property changes.

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