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I have checked the GPO and run the Client Diag tool with no help - all seems to check out.To verify it might be something buried deep, I took one of my remaining 4 (an XP laptop) and reformatted/ rebuilt. So I am left now with 3 systems that show up but will not report status (2 Win7 systems and the 2k8 server which WSUS resides on).I currently have WSUS 3.2 running on Win2k8 non-connected network system.

According to the research I have done Microsoft does not limit resources or the size of the WSUS database.I removed it from that server and installed it on the 2k8 one.At that time nothing changed - still no client status. As an absolute last resort, I turned off the VM and made a new one, this time with Server 2012. Execute Step(IExecution Step step, Boolean& com leted Synchronously) at System. In the end I was left with more than half my hosts still not reporting in (ever) to the server and none of them able to manually check for updates without getting a bid ol' 80072EE2.

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