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Which is not to say there aren’t rules in non-straight communities, but I don’t know them so much.

I feel I went directly from the pressured world of straight dating, to a world of queers who flip off the dating rulebook (or purport to, at least…

” We’ll line up some top Liverpool date recommendations, speed dating reviews and maybe even get the odd date, and if all else fails there’ll be Tinder tales, the do’s and don’ts of Bumble and we’ll finally get to the bottom of why some fellas get snap happy with the d*ck pics before you even know their surname. Alright so from the off, let’s get a few things straight.

I can only assume it involved hearing about it via the internet.

It wasn’t a huge deal to me as I was quite boy-focused anyway.

Oh, unless you include the charming use of ‘gay’ as a peer insult.

I’m not even sure how I began to suspect my bisexuality during my teen years.

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