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Then, as surprise digital releases concluding the Group's 2010 touring, Mantra Hiroshima, the second record to feature drumming by Zach Hill, and the appreciatively titled Dōitashimashite, the Group's second live release capturing the U. 2011 began with another ORLG tour, starting with the performance at the Rodriguez Lopez Productions and Sargent House showcase at the SXSW Music Festival.A special guest was said to join the group on stage, which turned out to be Cedric in place of Ximena as vocalist.2008 was the last year that Terrazas-González toured with Rodriguez-Lopez, in The Mars Volta or otherwise, after a mutual split planned for a few years.In March 2009, the group got together for another tour in Europe, this time featuring Omar's girlfriend Ximena Sariñana as the vocalist and Mark Aanderud on keyboards instead of Money Mark.During "Rapid Fire Tollbooth" performance, Alfredo Ortiz joined on percussion in addition to Marcel and Terrazas-González.Thomas Pridgen remained the group's drummer for the three years he was also in The Mars Volta, replacing Marcel, who became percussionist and second keyboardist, much like his role in The Mars Volta.

This trio comprises Omar, Ximena and double bass player Aaron Cruz Bravo.An official statement has since confirmed former collaborator Deantoni Parks to be the drummer for the 2010 tour.He had previously performed as drummer of The Mars Volta in September/October 2006 as a temporary fill-in, and has since remained great friends with the band.Meanwhile, Deantoni had also performed as part of Juan Alderete's group Vato Negro for a California date, June 17, as well as the Fuji Rock Festival in Japan in July.Omar joined his friends for the festival show, as the three are working on a Vato Negro album.

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Lars Stalfors also joined the group on stage as sound manipulator in 2010.

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