Youths that were intimidating me i

Not to be confused with Bears Are Bad News (unless you're dealing with a Mama Bear).The Violently Protective Girlfriend is a much younger form of this trope that applies when the mate is in danger.She is wedded to convictionsin default of grosser ties; Her contentions are her children, Heaven help him who denies!He will meet no suave discussion, but the instant, white-hot, wild, Wakened female of the species warring as for spouse and child.

I will ride that horse, or I will pay the price of it."Churchill: "The youths at the universities ...

Bears usually won't attack humans — but get between a mother bear and her cub, and she'll tear straight through you.

Threaten her children, and you are in for a world of hurt.

You can get a bunch of academics in a room and they can talk for three hours and never actually get to the point. worked my way up."Close: "[Women are criticized when they are] very strong and very direct. [Both] men and women like women who are a little bit more apologetic and feminine, rather than [women like me who] own their position and go for it."Bret Easton Ellis: "I get the humor, the irony, the 'dumbness' ... "Deschanel: "As you go along, you will have certain opportunities, and it's your responsibility to take the opportunities.

[He will] challenge [them] to get to the point."Beck: "If there's one thing that liberals, conservatives, communists, capitalists, vegetarians, teetotalers, pet lovers, bureaucrats, Republicans, and Democrats can all agree on, it's telling you how you should live your life."Goering: "Ribbentrop is a stupid ass." [Hitler: "But after all, he knows quite a lot of important people in England."] Goering: "Mein Fuehrer, that may be right, but the bad thing is, they also know him! Goering's prison psychologist [Gustave Gilbert] identifies Goering as an extrovert and as having Antisocial traits. of how he expresses himself in his blog or [on] Twitter.

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